Brazilian butt lift operation is a standard cosmetic
treatment that involves the transfer of fat to your
buttocks to help generate greater fullness.
To achieve this greater fullness, surgeons can
employ a series of techniques.

Butt lift with implants
Hyaluronic acid buttock
BBL with Fat transfer
BBL Vaser Liposuction
bbl surgery




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    Cinaria Albadri
    Cinaria Albadri
    18:39 09 Nov 21
    كان محمد حسين مساعدا ممتازا. لقد أرشدني طوال الرحلة وكان دائمًا يرد على رسائلي بسرعة كبيرة دون تأخير. كانت التجربة رائعة والنتائج التي حققتها العيادة كانت مذهلة. أنصح بالتواصل مع محمد لأنه محترف للغاية في هذا المجال. الاطباء جيدون جدا ايضا
    Cinaria Albadri
    Cinaria Albadri
    18:39 09 Nov 21
    Muhammet Hüseyin was an excellent assistant. He guided me through the whole journey and was always responding to my messages very quickly with no delays. The experience was great and results done by the clinic were amazing. I advise of communicating with Muhammet as he is very professional in the field. The doctors are very good also.
    maream hasan
    maream hasan
    04:47 23 Oct 21
    أحببت المكان! لقد كانت لطيفة حقًا ونظيفة للغاية ومحترفة. لديهم كل شيء تقريبا! إذا زرت تركيا مرة أخرى فسيكون هناك أول مكان أذهب إليه. أوصي بهم بشدة 🙂
    maream hasan
    maream hasan
    04:47 23 Oct 21
    Loved the place! They were really nice, very clean and professional. They have almost everything! If I visit turkey again It will be there first place I go to. I highly recommend them 🙂
    Çiftlik Ekipman
    Çiftlik Ekipman
    13:52 04 Feb 20
    I always feared from hair transplant but now I am happy. I got a hair transplant surgery one year ago, now I have my new look thanks to Estheticland. Thank you again for your treatment.
    Megan Callahan
    Megan Callahan
    19:39 06 Sep 19
    رأيتهم على trustpilot. خضعت لعملية جراحية كبيرة لشد الوجه هنا. لقد كانت عملية صغيرة ، فهي سريعة ونظيفة. اعجبني أيضا كان الفندق لطيفا. في العام المقبل ، سيحصل زوجي أيضًا على خدمة زراعة الشعر. أنا أوصي لهم لك.
    Megan Callahan
    Megan Callahan
    19:39 06 Sep 19
    I saw them on trustpilot. I had a great face lift surgery in here. It was a small operation, they are fast and clean. I liked it. Also hotel was nice. Next year, my husband also will get the service of hair transplant. I recommend them to you.
    Zeynel KARGIN
    Zeynel KARGIN
    11:41 28 Aug 19
    فعلت زرع الشعر في أبريل. كانت لطيفة وودية للغاية. حصلت على ما يقرب من 3.000 بصيلة والآن كبروا بسرعة. لدي شعر :)) شكرا جزيلا على كل شيء. أوصي كل الناس!
    Zeynel KARGIN
    Zeynel KARGIN
    11:41 28 Aug 19
    I did hair transplantation in April. They were so nice and friendly. I got almost 3.000 grafts and now they grew up so fast. I have hair :)) Thank you so much for everything. I recommend all people!
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    Why do people choose Turkey for Brazilian butt lift - BBL Surgery?

      • In the process after these distortions, the patient began to believe that he had failed in social life because he was uncomfortable with it. Experts perform BBL surgery in Turkey, and it is the most affordable.
      • In Turkey, plastic surgery has become very popular in recent years. The price of BBL surgery in Turkey varies depending on the type of surgery. You cannot specify a net cost for each transaction. In this sense, Turkey is the cheapest country.
      • ESTHETICLAND Clinics works with the best doctor and top bbl clinics in Turkey for each plastic surgery operation to have the best result and experience.
      • Turkey is one of the cheapest countries for bbl operations in Europe. Turkey should be your first preference if you consider having a bbl operation abroad. 

    FAQ about BBL Surgery in Turkey

    Why is Brazilian Butt Lift cheap in Turkey?

    Not only are Turkey’s overall wage costs lower than those in Europe, but the cost of living and taxes are also lower, and the government provides healthcare subsidies. Also, clinics usually utilize locally produced medical equipment. As a result, plastic and aesthetic procedures are performed in Turkey at a reasonable cost.

    Which is the best clinic for buttock augmentation in Turkey?

    ESTHETICLAND clinics are among the best clinics for buttock surgery in Turkey, with a team of doctors and surgeons with more than 15 years of experience, and more than 7000 plastic surgeries for patients from Arab, American, and European countries, with a rating of 4.8 stars based on Google Business. ESTHETICLAND Clinic is excellent as it provides quality at an affordable cost.

    Is buttock augmentation painful?

    The short answer is that it depends on buttock augmentation surgery. Patients might experience significant discomfort after surgery if silicone implants are placed below or in the middle of the muscle, where the muscles are stretched.

    How long does the buttock augmentation procedure take in Turkey?

    The time of the buttock augmentation procedure varies according to the method used in buttock augmentation operations. The process can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. The recovery phase takes about one to two weeks, and you may need to stay in Turkey for at least five days.

    Can you die from BBL?

    According to BBC news, the death rate from BBL surgery is 1 to 3000. However, it is not right to say you can die from BBL because every surgery has some risks and complications that the surgeons can predict. Highly qualified and experienced doctors can eliminate or reduce these risks by considering patients’ health status and disease history and using the proper techniques.

    Does Health Insurance Cover BBL Surgery?

    Nowadays, Brazilian butt surgery is among the most popular surgeries. So, people considering this operation question whether their health insurance covers it. A Brazilian butt lift is usually done as a cosmetic surgery that the patient chooses. As a result, health insurance frequently does not fund the treatment. Qualified medical care funding businesses, on the other hand, may be able to assist individuals in supporting their surgery at low-interest rates.

    How long does BBL surgery take in Turkey?

    The length of the BBL surgery procedure is generally 1 to 2 hours, and most of the patients can return to their routine activities after six to eight weeks on average. You must stay in Turkey for at least five days after the operation to conduct initial examinations and evaluate the results.

    How much does a BBL cost in Turkey?

    In 2022, The average cost of buttock augmentation in Istanbul, Turkey, is 3400 USD, the minimum fee is 2400 USD, and the maximum charge can go up to 7900 USD. Prices may differ for different cities such as Istanbul, Antalya, and Izmir.

    Is Turkey an excellent place to get a Brazilian Butt Lift?

    Turkey is a perfect place to get a Brazilian Butt Lift. A Brazilian buttock lift is available at reasonable prices in Turkish clinics. The doctors have a lot of expertise, and they are up to date on the latest discoveries in this field. Also, clinics in Turkey attract international customers with packages that include airport pickup, hotel accommodations, admission, and language support, all in BBL cost.

    Is BBL safe in Turkey?

    It is safe to have a Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey. To begin with, surgeons are very talented and experienced, and they use cutting-edge technology to sculpt or enlarge the buttocks of their patients. Secondly, healthcare facilities are sanitary and well-kept. Finally, we meticulously track the progress of the surgery before and after to avoid any potential hazards.
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    All-Inclusive BBL Surgery Package Prices in Turkey

    Price 2022

      • The average all-inclusive package price for a bbl surgery is approximately 4500 USD or 4000 Pound in İstanbul, Turkey. You can contact us to get prices and learn what’s included in the all-inclusive package prices in our clinic.

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